DIY Materials

If you’ve ever had the desire to create your own feature walls and furniture but never had access to the right materials, Rustic Modern can help you achieve your goal. All of our materials are available for order, and come in many varieties, shapes, and colours. Whether you’re looking for enough pallet boards to fill that wall in the living room, or enough barn board to re-cap your beams, Rustic Modern has what you need.

Cost: $8.50 - $10.50 + HST/SF
Many colours to choose from
Available in 8" or 6" widths
Authentic look and naturally sourced

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Cost: $9.00 + HST/SF
Colours: Brown, Grey & Custom
Available in a variety of widths & lengths
Authentic look, natural, and locally sourced

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Cost: $1.50 + HST/SF (RAW)
$4.50 + HST/SF Stock Colours
$5.50 + HST/SF Custom Colours
Available in variety of widths & lengths

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Navigate to the Feature Walls page to learn more about the materials we use, or visit the Contact page to leave an inquiry, or to place an order.  

Don’t forget! We are qualified professional installers!